About us

Traveling the world Our family began our travels in 1997 from Melbourne, Australia with our primary school aged daughters for a brief business venture in Bangkok, Thailand. This adventure proved too much fun to stop, so with a portable business at the time, the journey continued with a one year stay in the Italian countryside, three months in the South of France, a year in New York, then on to Rome where we set up a permanent home so the girls could complete their education. During our travels, we often found ourselves in need of short-term apartment accommodation and came up against the same difficulties each time, websites that were difficult to navigate and agencies not attuned to the needs of foreign tourists.

A moment on the grand canal to take it all in and appreciate where I am

Quality control The first thing we asked ourselves when checking into some of these properties was, have these agencies inspected the properties, that they were publishing on their website? We soon learned that they had never seen the accommodation listed on their sites and took no responsibility for the quality. We often arrived to poor and uncomfortable accommodation with compromised standards of cleanliness and only the most sparse amenities. Properties that might have suited young students, however for a family or a couple seeking a nice holiday in Europe, these properties were definitely lacking.

Sometimes villas are so outstanding we just had to book it for ourselves and invite the whole family to fly in

Let’s do it better These negative experiences, created a positive outcome, we saw this as an opportunity to do it better; we started our own company with a major point of difference; we would not add any apartments to our website without first personally inspecting the apartment and meeting the owner. Simply put, we would not list a property, which our family would not stay in, ourselves. Starting with a handful of apartments in Rome, we educated our owners along the way, to add kettles, toasters and proper kitchen utensils. We also insisted on comfortable mattresses and suggested neutral colours and white linens and the removal of family photos and personal objects that were often left in apartments from when they were permanent residences. We knew, that our clients did not want to arrive to accommodation which looked like someone lived there.

When inspecting apartments in Paris it’s always best to take your French speaking daughter, all that education paid off!

Early beginnings Leon, bought himself a Vespa, so he could zip around Rome finding more apartments and also meet clients personally on check in. “I felt it necessary to have the feedback from clients on arrival, settle them in, and tell them about Rome, the surrounding areas, the closest supermarkets, making it a little more familiar for them. “We didn’t even have a completed website at that time", say’s Jill, “we were placing small classified ads in Australian, American and British newspapers." It was very personalised. Today, thirteen years later, with hundreds of properties through Italy, Rome is still our flagship city and now we have spread further afield to Paris and London, the Kammer’s have not changed their policy: We still view all the properties, however now we have help from our trusted on ground staff and photographers and can say “what you see is what you get”. We don’t embellish our pictures. Of course today, there are too many check-ins for Leon to do personally, but the integrity of offering the best quality, cleanliness and amenities in each apartment has not changed and the company directors can still be contacted by clients.

It’s thirsty work inspecting apartments at the height of a Rome summer, thankfully, Rome's abundant water fountains are never far away

"Our success, I suppose", say’s Leon, "is that we have never, even during our company expansion, compromised our standards and personalised customer service."

Welcome to our world,

Jill & Leon