Simply Puglia.


Name: Alessandra
Occupation: Business Development at Worldwide-Accom

Do you know that feeling when you want to leave everything and everyone, pack your stuff and go somewhere, anywhere, but go!?!…
That happened to me after high school, about five years ago.
I didn’t travel too far like some others do, because my heart belongs to Europe, so I chose to go to Puglia.

I spent five unforgettable months in the most beautiful, hospitable, tranquil and amazing place.

I found beauty and splendour in unique places, like Savelletri, in Fasano: between Bari and Brindisi….breathtaking locations.

An unspoilt, pure haven. Tranquility, almost as though, only I, alone, was there. Heaven on Earth, where the heel of Italy ends.

Think about a crystal clean Adriatic sea, waves caressing the rocks, old Olive groves, prickly pink pears and baron land, against an ever blue sky. Yes…you are in Puglia.

If I need to describe citizens in one word I would probably say, relaxed, friendly.
In those five months I met the most humble, grateful, easy going people that I have ever met.

From young kids to the elderlies, everybody makes you feel at home: hosting you, offering delicious food, making you feel like a local.

Italy is known for each region having their own local specialties when it comes to dishes, using the individual produce of the region and Puglia’s dishes rate as one of the best that you will ever taste.- This will always be something I remember, when I think about this place.

Think, Taralli, focaccia, vegetables, wine…it will be love at the first “taste”, trust me.

You can’t miss the ongoing summer outdoor parties, where people gather, eat, enjoy, laugh, mix and celebrate these simple, yet totally vibrant occasions, which reflects the soul of Puglia.

I am a proud Italian, sure, I have grown up in one of the most fascinating countries, despite politics, despite government, despite anyone and anything, I just love Italy with all my heart and as a true Italian, I would like to let all people know how unbelievably exciting Puglia is, in every way imaginable.

I am now living in London, though I adore this city, I know that one day I will go back to the Heel: Lecce, Ostuni, Alberobello, Monopoli, Cisternino…don’t know where yet, but I will definitely go back.

Grab some of your best friends, be wild, genuine and natural…that is all Puglia asks from its people.