The Best Pizza in Rome

There are so many pizzerias to choose from in Rome (as there are apartments in Rome), many quite good, but in my mind the three below rate way above for their thin crust Roman pizza as well as for the atmosphere you expect from a Roman Pizzieria. Don’t forget to order some of the delicious “Supli” fried rice balls stuffed with mozzerella to start to really enjoy the true Roman pizzeria experience and remember that according to tradition, beer accompanies pizza, never wine…

Montecarlo – Pizzeria
Vicolo Savelli
Piazza Navona

The best thin crust Roman pizza available and everybody knows it, don’t get there after 8 pm unless you are happy to wait for a table with the other 20-30 people, the wait is never too long – they don’t serve coffee to linger over after you’ve eaten and will very nicely remind you that there are others waiting to eat. Don’t miss this one!!!

Pizzeria Ai Marmi (aka The Morgue)
Viale Trastevere, 53-59

This is one of Rome’s most famous pizzierias, it’s bustling authentic atmosphere with seating outdoors and in, full of local families and large groups crushed in together on the small marble tables (hence the nickname the morgue). This is not only one of the two best but is also an experience not to be missed..

Via Governo Vecchio 114
Piazza Navona

Famous pizzeria in Rome, often with queues waiting for tables, you’re likely to be sitting with strangers at a large table, which although disconcerting for the first minute, it’s a lot of fun and the thin crust Roman Pizza is delicious. A wonderful Rome experience.

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