Venice Apartments vs Venice Hotels – Another Story!

I’m just back from a delightful trip to Venice to inspect a lot of new apartments, April can be glorious in Venice, the sunshine warmed my body through to the bone and the flow of tourists is still handleable.

Although I normally stay in one of our apartments, this was a last minute decision to go so I had to settle for a well positioned Hotel between San Marco and the Rialto bridge which is perfectly located for the daily grind of apartment visits as often the route from one to another will mean we cross paths with the Hotel and can drop in when necessary. But I can’t help but to mention the 16 Euro room service charge to bring up the inclusive breakfast? For me the perfect way to start the day is to wake very early and work from bed with a strong caffeine drink and get work out of the way before I take off for the day Shall I bother to mention the standard of the breakfast, a repulsive sugarfest of juice from a carton, tinned fruit, dry croissants yuck, I just wanted (and ordered) a piece of wholemeal toast? Shall I mention the one night I was in my pj’s already and instead of dropping by the bar on my way up to my room to take up a gratis pot of hot water to enjoy my herbal tea I asked to have a pot of hot water delivered to the room – at Euro 5. I will definitely plan my next Venice trip further in advance so I can make a piece of toast in the morning, laze in bed with my laptop drinking coffee at early to get work out of the way and of course boil that kettle whenever I want… small things, but they mean a lot when traveling for a week and you enjoy a routine.. Just saying ….

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