My Verona by Alessandra - always magical!


Name: Alessandra
Occupation: Business Development at Worldwide-Accom

I grew up in this attractive, charming city and every time I go back it’s like time has stopped: unforgettable memories come up in my mind.

This time, I had the great pleasure to stay in Verona for work, looking for the perfect apartments, the most kind owners and the most unique spots to suggest to our beloved customers.

Very close to Venice and to the seaside, Verona is important for delicious wine (Valpolicella, Recioto, Amarone…), the international events – Vinitaly, Fieracavalli and Marmomacc; the one and only Opera, the food such as Tortellini, an exquisite kind of pasta; the Pandoro – typical Italian Xmas sweet and the tourism, of course.

Built inside the castle walls, called Bastioni, which now host concerts and any kind of events, Verona can be visited by foot.
14 bridges lead people to the other side of the river Adige – the most ancient bridge is Ponte Pietra, a must to see, stoned, Roman arched bridge from where you have a breathtaking view over the city.

To not forget are the Roman Theatre and the Roman Monuments, including all the Castle doors and arches.

Every little street is a discovery, with it’s own history and own reason to be impressive; never forget to look up, you don’t want to miss anything of the imposing historic buildings with elaborated flowered terraces and balconies, stunning window frames and ancient stairs which lead inhabitant to the roof.

As I arrived I couldn’t stop admiring the Arena: huge and ultra impressive, located in Piazza Bra, between the Roman Town Hall and a small park, perfect to rest and have a bite.
I walked through all of Via Mazzini, discovering that new luxurious shops have opened and the first Xmas lights made my stroll just perfect.

Here I am in Piazza Erbe, a famous open market by day and by night the favourite meeting point for locals.
From here I could go ahead through Via Cappello, famous for the Juliet’s balcony, or walk in Portoni Borsari, another important fashion avenue; or just admire Corso Sant’Anastasia.

Behind Piazza Erbe stands a statue of Dante, giving the name of the square, Piazza Dante where during Xmas time there is a cute market selling handmade presents and delicious local food.

I met the first owner, a lovely young woman from Boston, moved to Verona for love.
Yes LOVE LOVE LOVE….that is all about when you stay in Romeo and Juliet’s nest: the most famous Shakespearean Drama.

I had the pleasure to visit every kind of apartments, suites, villas: all of them so different in style and design. Choosing only the ones perfectly suitable for our customers and scrutinising apartments well to ensure that they met the standards of comfort, cleanliness and have the amenities required by our company.
Meeting with owners was also important to determine that they were like minded people with the integrity and care that we seek, to welcome customers.

A tranquil, particular and ancient city with a great park, on the hill, called Colombare, from where to admire a flawless view over Verona: very striking and the perfect spot where to run away from a stressful day and to meet with friends or just chill during a Spring or Summer day.

The first stop after Verona was Valpolicella, one of the most prestigious, popular and important areas of Veneto.
Well known by the wine lovers and it’s evergreen hills: worldwide-accom is now getting more and more accommodations in this unique place, to offer our customers the experience of an unforgettable stay, outside the hustle of the city.

What about Garda Lake?
Yes. I have also been there and words fail me……like I was having a dream, walking through Sirmione, Bardolino, Lazise and many more vibrant, colourful villages with magical soul where endless walks and swans prevail above every thing.

Maybe were the castles, maybe the ancient building, maybe the history of the places or the typical Italian, characteristic spots but I wanted to live these 7 days in my fairy tale.

I could never explain how beautiful this whole area is and how much it is worth to visit for a lifelong memory.