Romantic in Rome

by Margaret Barca

Valentine’s Day – San Valentino – was just here, and we’re still thinking romance.
Of course, it doesn’t matter what time of year you’re in Rome – it’s romantic.
And what could be more romantic than going somewhere a little more special than usual for your pre-dinner aperitivo? Here are a few favourites. Salute!

Grand Hotel de La Minerve

You have to love the roof garden here. You’re right in the heart of Rome’s centro storico and, during the warmer months, from the elegant bar on the terrace you feel as if you could literally touch the dome of the Pantheon, one of the city’s (one of the world’s) great buildings. At the extremely stylish Il Bar, bartenders whip up a classic martini or an impressive mojito (in several different varieties, though it’s hard to pass the Originale).

Piazza della Minerve, 69

Salotto 42

If your idea of romantic is up close and personal, this could be the bar for you. It’s small and arty with book-lined walls, and casual by day. As the sun goes down however, cocktails and aperitifs come out, served with small snacks (because Italians never like to drink without eating something – very sensible!). The music, and the crowd, can get noisy later, but you’ll be moving on to a romantic dinner, so who cares? And when you step out into the piazza, you’re are facing the time-worn columns of Hadrian’s Temple, circa 144 AD. The Eternal City… how romantic is that?

Piazza di Pietra, 42

Hotel de Russie

In one of the city’s smartest areas (via Babuino, near Piazza Popolo) the Stravinskij Bar at the five-star Hotel de Russie attracts a chic crowd. The piazza overlooked by the terraced ‘secret’ garden – a lush green oasis – is the perfect place for an aperitivo (or two). If it’s chilly, you can retreat to the comfy sofas inside. Drinks here do not come cheap, but when the candles are twinkling, there’s the faint fragrance of orange blossom in the air, and the waiters are whizzing around, there’s a very special vibe – you could ONLY be in Rome.

Via del Babuino, 9

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Il Bar, the rooftop bar at Grand Hotel de la Minerve
Bar Stravinskij, the piazza and garden at Hotel de Russie