Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you ask for our passport details?

Italy has a law that requires all hoteliers and accommodation managers to take note of the ID or Passport details of all guests and lodge these with the local authorities.

Title of Law: Consolidated View of Public Safety-TULPS RD-June 1931-No. 773 published in the Official Gazette June 26, 1931, n.146 5:37 PM

Article 109: 1. Managers of hotel and other accommodation facilities, including those that provide accommodation in tents, caravans, as well as’ owners or managers of homes and apartments and houses, including the operators of reception facilities unconventional to exception of mountain huts included in a register established by the autonomous region or province can only provide accommodation to persons bearing the identity card ‘or other appropriate document to certify its identity’ according to current regulations.

2. For non-EU foreigners and ‘just the passport or other document that is deemed equivalent to it under international agreements, as long as’ bearing the photograph of the holder.

3. The person referred to in paragraph 1, including through its employees, are required to deliver customers a more general form of declaration of ‘conforming to the model approved by the Ministry of Interior. This board, although compiled by the operator, must be signed by the client. For families and groups guided the subscription can ’be made by one spouse for the other family members, and the parent company for the band.The person referred to in paragraph 1 shall also be ’held to communicate the’ local public security status’ of the people lodging, by delivery of a copy of the board, within twenty-four hours after their arrival. Alternatively, the operator can ‘choose to send such communication, within the same period, local courts to police headquarters the names of those data cards with computer or electronic media or by fax according to the procedures’ established by the Minister of Interior

I've booked an apartment, where do I find the address?

Once you’ve confirmed you booking by paying your deposit, you need to login to your My Accom area to complete your arrival information and your ID details, you can then access your accommodation voucher by clicking the green button “Accommodation Voucher” which has the full address of the apartment and the name of the person checking you in and their telephone no.

Check-in & Check-out

Is there a specific check out time?

Check out is by 10:30 am. If you need a guaranteed late check-out, you must book the apartment for the following evening at the full cost of one night, however we do suggest that the best solution is to check out at 10:30 and go directly to the main train station and use the storage lockers, you can then go out and enjoy your last day and return to the station to take the bus or train back to the airport.

Is there a specific check in time?

The official check in time is between 14:00 (2 pm) and 21:00 (9 pm) this allows the cleaning staff to get the apartment ready for you after the check out of the previous guests, we do however try to allow you to check in as close to your arrival as possible if the apartment is ready, we therefor request you actual arrival time and ask you to call your check in contact on arrival at the airport, station or when approaching the city is arriving by car. If you need to have a guaranteed check in prior to 14:00 (2 pm) you will have to book the apartment for the previous night which will mean paying the full cost of one night.

Should your travel arrangements necessitate a check-in after 21:00 (9 pm) apartments carry a late check-in fee of Euro 25 which is stated on the accommodation voucher.

We only accept check-ins after midnight by prior agreement and they carry a late check in fee of Euro 50. **Please see below for information on plane delays.

If my plane is delayed or cancelled and I arrive after midnight, what should I do?

We cannot accept check-ins after midnight unless previous arrangements have be made.

If you arrive after midnight, please check into the airport hotel and call us in the morning to arrange check-in.

We highly recommend that our clients take out travel insurance to cover these types of issues.

How do I get the keys to the apartment?

Once you have paid your deposit and informed us of your arrival time, your check-in contact will await your call to confirm you have arrived and will then proceed to your property to meet you with the keys and settle you in to your accommodation. In the event that you are running late, you will need to give the contact number on your voucher a call.

Can I have an early check in?

We cannot guarantee check in before 14:00, however we do make every effort to have the apartment ready as close to your arrival time as possible. You need to call your check-in contact when you arrive at the airport or station to check if you can go directly to your accommodation.

If you require a guaranteed check-in earlier than 14:00 then you will need to book the property for the evening prior to your arrival.

We do suggest that you try to you choose flights with an afternoon arrival time where possible.

If you are unable to arrange flights with an afternoon arrival time and you cannot check-in until 14:00 you can store your luggage at Termini Train Station which is conveniently located in the centre of Rome and is also the arrival point for trains coming from Fiumicino Airport and the bus from Ciampino airport. You will find secure lockers where you can leave your luggage until check-in time.

Can I store my luggage in the apartment after I check-out?

My flight is not leaving until the evening, am I able to leave the luggage in the apartment?

The 10:30 check out time is to allow the apartments to be properly cleaned and prepared for the next guest, therefore, we you are unable to store luggage in the apartments unless you book the property for the evening following your check out.

You can use the secure storage available at the train Station which is also very convenient for your departure to airports.

Apartment Amenities

Will I find a fixed line telephone in the apartments and villas?

You should not expect a fixed line telephones in Italian rental properties, however some properties do have a telephone and in this case it will be clearly marked on the amenities list.

Do apartments in Italy have clothes dryers?

Clothes dryers are rarely found in Italy, and if one is present it will be listed on the amenities list.

You will find a drying rack if your accommodation has a washing machine.

The amount of electricity allotted to each apartment in Italy is quite small, therefore any heat generating appliance can easily trip the electricity and in addition to this issue, utility charges in Italy are quite high.

Are bed linens and towels supplied?

You will find bed linens and towels supplied in every apartment and villa on our website.

The apartment has internet, does that mean a computer is supplied too?

No, unless it is stated within he description, in 98% of cases you will need to bring your own computer or other device to connect to the internet.

Airport Transfers

If I book an airport transfer, how will I find the driver at the airport?

The driver will meet you when you come out of the baggage claim area, he will have a sign with your name. If you don’t immediately see your driver, you should stay at the exit of the baggage claim area and not go away from this area as this is where the driver will meet you. If you have any difficulties you can call the telephone number on your voucher to speak directly with the driver service.

Can I order a baby seat for our airport transfer?

You can request a baby seat for infants up to 18 months old, but we cannot 100% guarantee a baby seat for any journey and we suggest that for small infants you should consider bringing your car seat as you may find that you will need to use it in taxis. Although there are laws in Italy regarding child seats, they are not strictly followed.

Is your airport transfer charge cheaper than a taxi?

Taxi charges from both airports (Ciampino & Fiumicino) are set at Euro 40 to the city walls, then the remainder of the trip is metered, you can fit 3-4 people depending on the amount of luggage you have, so a public taxi is less expensive.

Airport transfers are a more convenient and luxurious option, there is no queueing for a taxi, your driver will wait for you with a sign as you exit the baggage area, assist with your bags and will already know where you are going, so it’s a very different service and a different price.

Do you offer airport transfers in all locations ?

We currently offer transfers in London, Rome and Paris and from Pisa airport, these will be offered to you after you have booked your apartment.

How much do your Rome airport transfers cost?

Rome airports one way is Euro 55 for a car 1-3 people, Euro 80 for a minivan for 4-6 people and Euro 100 for a minibus for 8 people.

Train station one way is Euro 35 for a car 1-3 people, Euro 45 for a minivan for 4-6 people and Euro 55.

Civitavecchia port one way is Euro 140 for a car 1-3 people, Euro 160 for a minivan for 4-6 people and Euro 180 for a minibus for 8 people.

How long is the drive from the centre of Rome to Fiumicino Airport?

The drive takes between 30 minutes (very early morning) to 50 minutes at peak hour.

How long is the drive from the centre of Rome to Ciampino Airport?

The drive takes between 30 minutes (very early morning) to 50 minutes at peak hour.


Can I pay my balance by credit card?

We prefer that you pay your balance directly to your check in contact on arrival at the apartment. If, however you have any issues with carrying cash we can take your payment in advance via credit card, but an administration charge of 2% will be added and your balance must be paid at least 14 days prior to your arrival.

Which payment methods to you accept?

We accept Mastercard and Visa, we do not accept American Express or other charge cards.

Can I pay the additional charges such as cleaning fee and taxes before I come by credit card?

We need you to pay these small charges on arrival in cash to your check in contact.

Can I pay the airport transfer in advance by credit card?

Your airport transfer must be paid directly to the driver in cash.

Travel in Italy

How can I book train tickets online?

Trentialia is the website that shows all information on train tickets in Italy, you can also buy your tickets online in English. Trenitalia

Trenitalia may not accept your foreign credit card online, if your find your payment is not accepted, we have listed below alternative methods to buy tickets directly online from your home country.

From Australia

From the USA or Canada
Rail Europe

From the UK & Ireland
Rail Europe

Can I drive up to the apartment and drop off my luggage?

Most Italian cities have ZTL (Traffic limited Zones) in the city centres where most apartments are located, and traffic is restricted to residents with permits until approx 18:30 from Mon-Sat. There are car parks outside of the ZTL where you can park your car at between Euro 12 and Euro 25 per day depending on the city.

What is the best way to get from Rome to Florence

I would suggest that you use the Eurostar to get to Florence as it’s the most convenient and fastest way to travel between Rome-Florence. You can buy your tickets in English and online at the following website and print your ticket <> The trip is only 1 hour and 40 mins whereas a car is very expensive and takes 3 hours plus depending on traffic. If you have any difficulty in buying your tickets there are several local websites listed on our FAQ page.

Which airport is closer to Rome, Fiumicino or Ciampino?

Both airports are a similar distance, the only difference is if you are taking public transport to arrive from the airport to the city centre. Fiumicino, also called Leonard da Vinci airport has an express train which takes 30 mins at a cost of Euro 14 per one way trip. From Ciampino there is a bus to take you to Termini station whic is only 4 Euros but the trip will depend on traffic. You can also use a bus, metro combination from Ciampino but with luggage it’s not a very convenient way to travel.

Do I have to pay local taxes in Rome?

From the 1st of January 2011 Rome City Council has imposed a nightly accommodation tax in the city of Rome.The tax is, €2.00 per night (10 nights maximum) per person. Children up to 10 years of age do not pay. The tax is charged to anyone staying in any overnight accommodation inside the city boundaries. The fee, not included in the total rate, must be paid cash at check in time. For more information go to

Do I have to pay local taxes in Florence?

From the 1st of August 2011 Florence City Council has imposed a nightly accommodation tax in the city of Florence at the rate of €1.00 per person per night only for the first 5 days. Children up to 10 years of age do not pay. Children from 10 to 16 have a 50% reduction. The tax is charged to anyone staying in any overnight accommodation inside the city boundaries. The fee, not included in the total rate, must be paid cash at check in time. For more information, go to

Do I have to pay local taxes in Venice?

From the 24th of August 2011 Venice City Council has imposed a nightly accommodation tax in the city of Venice at the rate of €2.50 per night per person in high season, €1.25 per person per night in low season The tax is charged to anyone staying in any overnight accommodation inside the city boundaries. The fee, not included in the total rate, must be paid cash at check in time. For more information go to

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation of a booking on the part of the client, for whatever reason, must reach Worldwide-Accom in writing and will incur the following cancellation charges:

60 plus days prior to the arrival date – the deposit is refunded to the client less a 25% cancellation fee.

59 – 45 days prior to the arrival date – 50% of the total rentals is charged

44 – 0 days prior to the arrival date – 100% of the total rental is charged

We advise all clients to take out cancellation insurance as the above policy refers to all cancellations regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Terms & Conditions

What are your terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • some apartments have their own Terms and Conditions, in such case the terms and conditions are clearly written on the apartment description page.

After we have received your booking, we will email you instructions on how to login to your account with your email address and your chosen password (on average 25% of total however, for certain apartments and/or situations the deposit could be up to 100%). Along with the deposit required, terms and conditions must be agreed to and credit card details must be supplied. For Last Minute bookings (arriving within 30 days from booking date) the deposit corresponds to 100% of the rental.

Accepted Methods of Payment
Credit card

Security Deposits
A security deposit may be required in those properties where there are a number of valuables the proprietor wishes to protect. Those properties that require a cash security deposit clearly state it on the property description page and again on the voucher. The security deposit is paid for on arrival in cash and returned to the Client at check out after a verification of eventual damage or breakage that may occur during your stay. In cases where no security deposit is required and excessive damages are incurred due to the negligence of the client, the amount will be debited from the client’s credit card.

Cancellation Policy
The cancellation of a booking on the part of the client, for whatever reason, must reach Worldwide-Accom in writing and will incur the following cancellation charges:
60 plus days prior to the arrival date – the deposit is refunded to the client less a 25% cancellation fee
59 – 45 days prior to the arrival date – 50% of the total rentals is charged
44 – 0 days prior to the arrival date – 100% of the total rental is charged

Information on the Website
The specific apartment information is believed to be correct by Worldwide-Accom and has been provided by the apartment owners upon inspection of the properties by Worldwide-Accom staff.

However, Worldwide-Accom or the property owners cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or changes in this information. This especially applies to services such as Internet, telephone and cable TV, where the supplier of such services or equipment, may experience technical problems during your stay resulting in temporary loss of use of such items.

In a country where it’s cities were originally built in ancient times such incidents can occur more frequently, than in modern buildings.

We can not guarantee that in those properties where the Internet is available, that this service will be compatible with all computers or operating systems.

Booking Amendments
Once a booking has been confirmed and the deposit has been paid, any changes made to a booking will carry a service fee of Euro 25.00.

Code of Behaviour
Clients are held to respect the property and the traditions of the location. If the clients or their party fail to behave in a civilised and decent manner, the owner or his representative has the right to ask the party to leave the property immediately and before the schedules departure date and has the right to deduct the sum of any damage incurred from the security deposit or from the client’s provided credit card in addition to and cleaning fees. In this case the client loses all rights to any reimbursement of rental costs.

Complaints – Responsibility
The descriptions of the properties on the Worldwide-Accom website are accurate and made in good faith. Worldwide-Accom declines any responsibility for alterations carried out by the owner without informing Worldwide-Accom. Above all, if the client has cause for complaint, the client should inform the owner and our office on the day of arrival on +39 06 833 98 601. The client must give Worldwide-Accom the time necessary to verify the complaint and possible responsibility and to resolve the problem. In the absence of the above mentioned procedure and without the authorization of Worldwide-Accom, clients who leave the rental property before the scheduled departure, will lose any right to reimbursement of rental costs or compensation of any kind. No complaint can be considered and no refund will be paid unless this procedure is observed within the time limit stated above or after departure from the property. The following events do not constitute grounds for complaints: acts of god, the presence of insects or animals typical to the area that may provoke possible stings or bites, interruptions of the power supply, if the problem is caused by the supplier or by unforeseen events. Properties offered are characteristic accommodations, without any recognized international standard, and reflect the personal taste of the owner and the local traditions, especially in their style, design and furnishings. Any possible small disadvantages that derive from the above-mentioned causes cannot be accepted as reason for complaint.

Amount of People
The number of persons occupying the property may under no circumstances exceed that specifically agreed at the time of the reservation and that appears on your voucher.

Utility costs in Europe are very high, therefore some apartment owners charge for electricity in summer to cover air conditioning and gas in winter to cover heating. If this fee is not included in the nightly rental rate, it will be clearly specified on the property description page.

Arrival Information
The client will inform Worldwide-Accom in writing of the estimated time of arrival to the property as well as the mode of transport being used and flight and trains numbers at least 7 days prior to the arrival date.

Travel Delays
Should the client be delayed for any reason whatsoever, it is the responsibility of that client, to contact the designated check-in contact directly, and to inform them of their updated arrival time, flight information and date (if applicable). In a case where the client does not arrive on the day which has previously been booked, and has not within a 12 hours informed the designated check in contact of any delay/cancellation/booking modification, the client will be considered to be a “no-show” subsequently losing any eventual rights to a partial or full refund and will lose any right of entry into the apartment.

Check-in Times
Clients may check in to their booked property between 2 pm and 9 pm. For arrivals after 9 pm, properties carry a late check in fee of Euro 25, after 11pm 50 Euros and after midnight by prior arrangement only – to be paid directly to the representative who hands over the keys. (*the fee and times may vary, check the pricing tab on the individual apartment to confirm the rate and late arrival hour) If an early check in is required by the client, the property must be booked for the previous day to the arrival date.

Check-out Times
Check out time is 10am in Venice and 10:30 am in all other locations. This will be discussed with the representative when you check in. If the client requires a late check out, the client must book the apartment for the day following their actual departure date.

Price – Disclaimer
All prices on this web site are subject to change without notice. Whilst we make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information, occasionally, one or more items on our web site may be mis-priced. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical, photographic, or technical error or error in pricing information, Worldwide-Accom shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for a property listed at the incorrect price.

Possible Failure Of Technical Services
It is possible that the Internet service, telephone service, or cable TV service in your apartment is unavailable during your stay due to technical problems which may occur and are out of the control of the property owner or Worldwide-Accom.
It is also possible that the Internet service provided is not compatible with your own computer’s operating system or configuration. In such cases, neither the property owner or Worldwide-Accom can take responsibility for any losses or expenditures due to technical failure.

Booking Process

How does the booking process work?

You can search for available properties by keying in your dates and choosing the no. of people in your party.

Your will then see a list of properties that are available.

To book any of these property click the Book Now button and you will be taken to a secure payment area where you can pay your deposit which is between 25% and 100% of your total rental depending on the property you choose.

You will then receive your login credentials and a confirmation email within a few minutes to allow you to to manage your booking.

When you log in you can complete the necessary pre arrival details such as your arrival time and fill in the ID details of your party.

Once you have completed all necessary information you can view and print your voucher which has the address and the name and contact number of the person who will meet and check you in at the apartment on your arrival.

Your check in person will expect a call from you when you arrive at the station or airport to confirm you are not delayed and only then will they move toward to the apartment to meet with you and show you the property and hand over the keys.

Property Owners

How can I add my apartment to Worldwide-Accom?

If you have a quality property in any of the locations we offer you should contact us with a brief description and send a few photos to give us an idea of the standard of your property.

If we believe that your property could be right for our clients we will then make an appointment to visit your apartment, meet you and photograph it.

You should note that we only take on properties when the owner is prepared to keep an online calendar and agree to keep it updated at all times.

How much do you charge to add an apartment to your website?

We do not charge owners to be included on our website, we handpick the apartments and photograph each property and there are no fees involved.

I have an apartment in a location you don't have on your website, should I still contact you?

Yes! We are always planning to add other locations, so as long as your apartment is in a popular tourist destination we encourage you to get in touch with us to see if your property is in a location we are planning to launch soon.

Termini e Condizioni per i Proprietari *Italiano*

Mettendo una vostra proprietà sul nostro sito, consente ai nostri termini e condizioni per gli affitti delle proprietà, qui sotto esposti.

Dettagli dell’appartamento

Prima che l’appartamento sia inserito sul nostro sito, dovrà acconsentire ai nostri termini e condizioni, e controllare in modo dettagliato la descrizione, le foto anziché la mappa.

Ad avvenuta conferma da parte del proprietario, la pagina dell’appartamento in questione verrà inserita sul sito e da quel momento il proprietario si impegnerà a rispettare i prezzi concordati per tutte le opzioni e prenotazioni confermate da Worldwide-Accom.

Qualora il proprietario intenda apportare cambiamenti riguardo al prezzo o altre condizioni (es. pulizia finale, deposito cauzionale), questi ultimi possono essere cambiati dal proprietario stesso direttamente da portale dei proprietari del nostro sito.

Durata delle Prenotazioni

Worldwide-Accom è un’agenzia che gestisce prenotazioni di breve durata: le prenotazioni vengono effettuate per un minimo di 3 notti a meno che non venga richiesto dal proprietario un soggiorno minimo di altra durata (es. 5 o 7 notti). Il proprietario si impegna a comunicare a Wordwide-Accom l’eventuale e temporanea indisponibilità dell’immobile o appartamento per un periodo superiore a 4 settimane.

Il proprietario quindi deve impegnarsi ad aggiornare il calendario. Nel caso in cui il calendario non fosse aggiornato, e questo risulta in una doppia prenotazione, il proprietario consente ad accettare la prenotazione di Worldwide-Accom. Nel caso in cui il proprietario rifiuta d’accettare la prenotazione di Worldwide-Accom, il proprietario sarà responsabile nel risarcire qualsiasi somma perduta.

Deposito Cauzionale

Worldwide-Accom mantiene i dettagli della carta di credito del cliente nel caso d’eventuali danni, cancellazioni, o in caso di prenotazione senza che l’ospite si presenta. Al momento del check-out, prima di restituire il deposito cauzionale ai clienti, l’addetto sarà altresì tenuto ad un controllo accurato per accertare eventuali danni causati. L’addetto deve fotografare qualsiasi danno ritrovato, o con una macchina fotografica o con un telefono cellulare.

Worldwide-Accom declina ogni responsabilità per eventuali danni causati dai clienti.

Il cliente è in ogni caso responsabile nei confronti del proprietario per eventuali danni superiori all’importo del deposito cauzionale e del deposito di sicurezza.

In seguito al suddetto controllo e restituzione del deposito cauzionale al momento del check out, il proprietario non ha diritto di avvalersi di spese per danni riscontrati dopo 24 ore dal momento del check-out dei clienti.

Manutenzione & Usura

Il proprietario si impegna a mantenere la proprietà pulita e ordinata. Provvederà inoltre al necessario per fare in modo che il cliente goda di un soggiorno piacevole ed effettuerà regolarmente un controllo del funzionamento di tutti gli apparecchi elettronici.

E’ ovviamente sottinteso che un appartamento affittato nell’arco di un periodo subirà determinati livelli di usura quotidiana (es. righe per terra, impronte sulle pareti, bicchiere rotto etc.). Questi non sono considerati “danni”: Worldwide-Accom non potrà essere ritenuta responsabile per danni di questo genere.

Il proprietario rimane responsabile per la rimozione o salvaguardia di oggetti di valore economico superiore ad un eventuale deposito cauzionale, o di valore sentimentale. Worldwide-Accom non potrà essere ritenuto responsabile per il danneggiamento o mancanza di questi oggetti.

Se all’arrivo del cliente, lo stesso dovesse riscontrare qualche danno/problema, l’addetto al check-in dovrà darne immediata notizia non oltre 24 ore a Worldwide-Accom. In caso contrario, Worldwide-Accom declina ogni tipo di responsabilità.

Il proprietario garantisce il corretto funzionamento di tutti gli impianti elettrici, idrici, ecc. dell’immobile/appartamento, mediante verifica e manutenzione periodica a proprie spese.

Nel caso in cui, qualche oggetto/impianto fosse rotto durante il weekend o durante un periodo di ferie, il proprietario s’incarica la responsabilità di chiamare un numero d’urgenza, che si trova per esempio nelle pagine gialle, per fare in modo che questo sia risolto il prima possibile.

In caso di incidente nell’immobile, il proprietario si assume questa responsabilità.

Comodità da includere nella proprietà

Articolo importante:

  • Aria condizionata o ventilatori durante l’estate. Nel caso in cui vengano installati dei “Pinguini” si prega di specificarlo.
  • Riscaldamento funzionante
  • Cucina dotata di utensili ed altre necessita che completano la cucina
  • Bollitore per l’acqua
  • Tostapane
  • Bicchieri e piatti sufficienti per il numero massimo di persone che possono soggiornare nella proprietà
  • Coperte ‘extra’ dovranno essere fornite tutto l’anno.
  • Copri-materassi e copri-cuscini devono essere sempre forniti per motivi d’igiene.
  • Istruzioni in inglese per ogni apparecchio elettronico.

Riparazioni Urgenti

Il proprietario si impegna ad intervenire in caso d’emergenza nell’arco di 12 ore. Inoltre fornirà una lista di società di manutenzione e tecnici (caldaia, frigorifero ecc.) a Worldwide-Accom, autorizzati ad intervenire nel caso in cui il proprietario fosse assente.

Lavori in corso

Il proprietario si impegna ad informare Worldwide-Accom qualora venga a conoscenza di lavori di manutenzione che potrebbero creare disturbo al cliente. In questo caso, il cliente sarà informato, e se il cliente decide d’annullare la prenotazione, il proprietario accetterà questo senza reclamo di un pagamento di sanzione.

Qualora tali lavori cominciano senza preavviso o a conoscenza del proprietario e creano un disturbo ai clienti da rendere necessario un loro spostamento, il proprietario si impegna ad accettare una cancellazione senza penalità/assorbire i costi di eventuali risarcimenti o “upgrade”.


Worldwide-Accom non ha nessuna responsabilità per qualsiasi incidente o danno fisico che potrà avvenire all’interno della proprietà. Spetta ai proprietari stipulare una assicurazione contro eventuali danni di questo genere.

Cambiamenti alla Proprietà o Arredamento

Riguardo alle variazioni dell’arredo degli interni e altre modifiche alla proprietà, il proprietario dovrà informare Worldwide-Accom di notevoli cambiamenti che modificano l’aspetto della proprietà. Questo permetterà all’agenzia di organizzare nuove foto o l’aggiunta di altre informazioni sul sito web.


Il proprietario si impegna a mettere a disposizione un mazzo di chiavi per ogni 2 persone che soggiornano nell’appartamento.

Prenotazioni Confermate

Il proprietario è d’accordo per rispettare le prenotazioni confermate e non cancellerà una prenotazione già confermata.

Nel caso in cui il proprietario debba, per cause di forza maggiore, cancellare una o più prenotazioni già confermate, con la sottoscrizione del presente accordo, accetta sin da ora di assumersi tutti gli eventuali costi relativi alla cancellazione e/o spostamento di tali clienti in altre strutture.


Per confermare la propria prenotazione, il cliente deve pagare una caparra a Worldwide-Accom. I pagamenti per eventuali pulizie finali e/o utenze sono a parte e il cliente gli pagherà direttamente al proprietario (o a chi effettuerà il check-in/check-out).

Il saldo viene pagato direttamente dal cliente al proprietario o a chi effettuerà il check-in al momento dell’arrivo, ovvero verrà pagato direttamente da Worldwide-Accom nel caso in cui il cliente abbia già pagato 100% dell’affitto al momento della prenotazione. Nel caso in cui il cliente paghi l’intera somma prima della data d’arrivo, Worldwide-Accom farà un bonifico al proprietario prima della data d’arrivo dei rispettivi clienti.


Nel caso in cui ci fosse una cancellazione, Worldwide-Accom la comunicherà al proprietario.

Il proprietario confermerà di aver preso in considerazione il fatto della cancellazione.

In base alle termini e condizioni, i quali il cliente dovrà accettare per confermare la prenotazione, Worldwide-Accom mantiene il diritto d’addebitare la carta di credito del cliente per recuperare il costo della disdetta, che sarà poi trasmessa al proprietario; tuttavia, nel caso in cui la carta di credito del cliente non è autorizzata, Worlwide-Accom non potrà essere ritenuta responsabile.

Giurisdizione competente

Per ogni controversia legale, il territorio competente è quello di Dublino.


I proprietari sono forniti di tutte le informazioni necessarie per la communicazione con la Prefettura del luogo in questione: nomi di persone ospitate ecc. Questa procedura rimane la scelta et la responsabilita del proprietario stesso.

Terms and Conditions for Proprietors *English*

Terms and Conditions for Proprietors

By listing your property on the site,, you agree to our terms and conditions with regards to renting a property: these are outlined here below.

Apartment features

Before the apartment can be included on our website, you must accept our terms and conditions, and verify in detail the description, photos and placement on map and all details pertaining to the property, contacts and check-in contacts.

Once the apartment in question is confirmed by the proprietor, it is made live on the website, the proprietor agrees to respect the fixed prices of all options and reservations confirmed by Worldwide-Accom.

If the proprietor wishes to make any changes to the agreed price or add further conditions (for example, final cleaning, security deposit), he/she can do so directly on the “Administration Panel”.

Duration of reservations

Worldwide-Accom is an agency specializing in the management of short and medium term bookings which must be made in this case for a minimum of three nights unless otherwise specified by the owner (for example, 2, 5 or 7 or 30 day minimum)

The proprietor must update the calendar located on the “Administration Panel”. In a case of a non-updated calendar which results in a double booking, the proprietor must accept the booking of Worldwide-Accom. In case of rejection, he must repay any consequential financial arrears.


Worldwide-Accom retains details of all the client’s credit card in case of any damage, cancellation or no-show. At check-out, and before returning the security deposit to the clients, a manager must perform a detailed inspection to determine whether any damage was caused. Should there be any visible damage, a photograph must be taken with either a camera or mobile phone and forwarded to Worldwide-Accom by email.

Worldwide-Accom declines any responsibility for any damage caused by clients.

In all cases, the client is responsible for damages.

The proprietor is not entitled to claim form damages incurred when assessed more than 24 hours after the client has checked-out.

Maintenance & Wear

The proprietor agrees to keep the property clean and tidy. The proprietor will also take steps to ensure a certain standard for the property and ensure that the client enjoys a pleasant stay; the proprietor will undertake regular inspections of the property and all furnishings and appliances.

It goes without saying that a rented apartment for some time will suffer varying degrees of everyday wear (for example, marks on walls, broken glassware, etc..). This is not regarded as “damage”: Worldwide-Accom nor the Client will under no circumstances be held responsible for any of this type of wear and tear.

It is the responsibility of the proprietor to make sure he/she removes items of sentimental value or high pecuniary value. Worldwide-Accom will not be held liable for damage caused to such objects nor if such items are lost.

If the client finds upon his arrival in the leased property, differences from its appearance or description at the time of the reservation, the person checking in must inform Worldwide-Accom immediately (within a maximum of 24 hours). Following a period of 24 hours, starting from the time of check-in, Worldwide-Accom declines all responsibility.

The proprietor guarantees the correct functioning of all electrical, hydraulic, etc. appliances/machines. Periodic inspections and maintenance of the property are the responsibility of the proprietor of the property and such inspections should be carried out often in order to maintain a quality standard of apartment. Any inspections or maintenance which the property requires will take place at the expense of the proprietor of the property.

The proprietor will be responsible for any malfunction or failure which occurs on the premises, whether this be inside or outside. In case of failure of a unit or facility during the weekend or holiday, the landlord agrees to call an emergency after hours service, such as that contained in the yellow pages, to ensure that the problem be resolved without delay.

Conveniences to be included in the inventory

Important appliances

Air conditioning or fans during summer. In the case of “portable air conditioners” being installed, this must be specified and listed as such.
Fully equipped kitchen, with utensils and other essential items such as sharp knives, cutting boards, tea towels
Glassware and tableware provided for the maximum number of people likely to staying
Extra blankets provided
Mattress and pillow protectors should be provided and changed frequently to ensure good hygiene
Instructions in English for all appliances.
Emergency Repairs

The proprietor agrees to intervene in the case of any emergency, within 12 hours. The proprietor will also provide to Worldwide-Accom- a list of companies and maintenance technicians (furnace, refrigerator, etc..) who are trusted and are authorised by the proprietor to intervene in case of the absence of the proprietor.

Work in progress

The proprietor agrees to inform Worldwide-Accom immediately upon becoming aware of outstanding maintenance work that could disturb the client during their stay in the apartment, in the apartment building, in the neighbourhood, or in the vicinity of the rented property. In this case, the client is informed and if the client decides to cancel the booking, the proprietor must accept and cannot claim any financial penalty whatsoever.

Where such work is initiated without prior notice or the proprietor is not notified, and this causes a disturbance such as the client is obliged to transfer to another apartment, the landlord agrees to accept a cancellation without any penalty whatsoever or to take on its own the cost of any “upgrade”.


The proprietors of Worldwide-Accom are exempt from any responsibility for any injury or damage (tangible or intangible) occurring within the properties. proprietors should have insurance to guard against potential damage of this type.

Changes in housing, furniture

Regarding changes made to the interior furnishings or other changes, the proprietor must inform Worldwide-Accom- of any significant changes that alter the appearance of the property. This will allow the agency to update the pictures and add information on its website.


The proprietor agrees to make available at a minimum one set of keys per couple (two people) staying in the apartment and no less than two sets of keys for an apartment that sleeps 2 people.

Confirmation of bookings

The proprietor agrees to comply with the reservations that have been confirmed, and will not cancel bookings which are already confirmed (for example, in the event that he/she receives a subsequent offer, more suitable for him/her, etc..) .

Where the proprietor shall, by reason of force majeure, cancel a reservation which is already confirmed he/she accepts, by virtue of this Agreement, to assume, all costs relating to the cancellation and / or transfer of affected clients to alternative accommodation.


To confirm the reservation, the client must pay a deposit to Worldwide-Accom. Payments in respect of any future final cleaning and / or drinks are separate, and the client will pay these expenses directly to the proprietor (or the person who will check-in/check-out for him).
The balance is paid directly by the client to the proprietor or the person who is delegated by the proprietor to check the clients in upon arrival; otherwise, it will be paid directly by Worldwide-Accom- to the proprietor, if the agency has already received the total price corresponding to the amount on the voucher. If the client has paid the total sum prior to the arrival date, Worldwide-Accom will transfer the specified and agreed amount to the proprietor prior to the client’s arrival date.
Worldwide-Accom is not responsible for any failure to collect the amount due on the part of the property proprietor: the property proprietor or delegate is responsible for such collection.

In case of cancellation, Worldwide-Accom will inform the proprietor.
The proprietor must confirm the cancellation.
Under the Terms of Conditions that the client accepts to complete a booking, Worldwide-Accom maintains the right to debit the client’s credit card to recover the cancellation fee which will be forwarded to the proprietor, however, in the case that the client’s credit card is not authorized, Worldwide-Accom will not be held responsible.
In case of cancellation of the client’s credit card, Worldwide-Accom will try to recover the amount due, but will not be held responsible should this attempt not be successful.


For any dispute, the territorially competent court is that of Dublin.


Proprietors are supplied with all information necessary for communication with the prefecture of the location (where applicable), names of persons housed, etc. This procedure is the owners choice and responsibility.

Termes et conditions pour les propriétaires *Francais*

Termes et conditions pour les propriétaires

En insérant un logement dont vous êtes propriétaire sur le site, vous acceptez nos termes et conditions concernant la location des biens, tels qu’exposés ci-dessous.

Caractéristiques de l’appartement

Avant que l’appartement ne soit inséré dans notre site, il faut accepter nos termes et conditions, et contrôler en détail la description, les photos et le plan.

Une fois que la page concernant l’appartement en question a été confirmée par le propriétaire, elle est insérée sur le site ; le propriétaire s’engage dès lors à respecter les prix fixés pour toutes les options et les réservations confirmées par Worldwide-Accom.

Si le propriétaire souhaite apporter des modifications au tarif convenu ou ajouter d’autres conditions (par exemple, le nettoyage final, le dépôt de caution), il peut le faire directement sur l’“Administration Panel”.

Durée des réservations

Worldwide-Accom est une agence spécialisée dans la gestion des réservations de courte durée ; celles-ci doivent en l’occurrence être effectuées pour un minimum de trois nuits, à moins que le propriétaire ne requière une durée minimale supérieure (par exemple 5 ou 7 nuits). Le propriétaire s’engage à communiquer à Worldwide-Accom la non-disponibilité éventuelle et temporaire du bien pour une période supérieure à 4 semaines. Le propriétaire doit donc mettre à jour le calendrier se trouvant sur l’“Administration Panel”. En cas de non-mise à jour du calendrier et de double réservation en résultant, le propriétaire doit accepter le réservation de Worldwide-Accom. En cas de refus, il est tenu de rembourser le manque à gagner, quelle qu’il soit.


Worldwide-Accom conserve les données de la carte de crédit du client en cas de dommages éventuels, d’annulation de la part du client ou dans l’instant ou le client, ayant fait une reervation ne se presente pas. Au moment du check-out, et avant de restituer aux clients la caution, un responsable doit obligatoirement effectuer un contrôle détaillé des lieux afin de vérifier si des dommages ont été causés. Il doit photographier tout dommage constaté avec un appareil photo ou un téléphone portable.

Worldwide-Accom décline toute responsabilité pour d’éventuels dommages causés par les clients.

Dans tous les cas, le client est responsable vis-à-vis du propriétaire pour les dommages éventuels supérieurs à la caution et au dépôt de sécurité.

l’issue du contrôle en question et de la restitution de la caution lors du check-out, le propriétaire n’est pas en droit de se prévaloir de dépenses engagées pour des dommages constatés 24 heures après le check-out des clients.
Maintenance & Usure

Le propriétaire s’engage à tenir le logement propre et rangé. Il fera en outre le nécessaire pour garantir le niveau de l’offre et faire en sorte que le client jouisse d’un séjour agréable ; il effectuera régulièrement un contrôle du fonctionnement de tous les appareils.

Il va de soi qu’un appartement loué un certain temps subira à des degrés divers l’usure quotidienne (par exemple, des traces sur le sol, des empreintes sur les murs, des vers brisés, etc.). Cela n’est pas considéré comme des “dommages” : Worldwide-Accom ne pourra en aucun cas en être tenu pour responsable.

Il revient au propriétaire de laisser ou d’enlever des objets ayant une valeur sentimentale ou économique supérieure à une éventuelle caution. Worldwide-Accom ne pourra pas être tenu pour responsable de dommages causés aux objets en question ou de leur perte.

Si le client constate lors de son arrivée dans le bien loué des différences par rapport à sa réservation, la personne chargée du check-in doit en informer Worldwide-Accom immédiatement (et dans un délai maximum de 24 heures). Dans le cas contraire, Worldwide-Accom décline toute responsabilité.

Le propriétaire garantit le fonctionnement correct de tous les appareils électriques, hydrauliques, etc. du logement, en procédant à un contrôle et à une maintenance périodiques à ses frais.

Il est responsable en cas de dysfonctionnement ou de panne. En cas de rupture d’un appareil ou d’une installation au cours du week end ou des vacances, le propriétaire s’engage à appeler un numéro d’urgence, figurant par exemple sur les pages jaunes, pour faire en sorte que le problème soit résolu le plus tôt possible.

Il est également responsable en cas d’accident dans le logement.

Comodités à inclure dans l’inventaire

Article important :

Air conditionné ou ventilateurs pendant l’été. Dans le cas où des “Pingouins” sont installés, il est demandé de le spécifier.
Chauffage en état de marche
Cuisine complètement équipée d’ustensiles et autres éléments qui “complètent” la cuisine
Service de verres et de plats suffisant pour le nombre de personnes maximum susceptibles de séjourner dans le logement
Des couvertures supplémentaires devront être fournies toute l’année
Des protège-matelas et des taies d’oreiller doivent être fournis pour garantir une bonne hygiène
Des instructions en anglais pour tout appareil électroménager.
Réparations urgentes

Le propriétaire s’engage à intervenir en cas d’urgence, dans un délai de 12 heures. Il fournira en outre à Worldwide-Accom une liste de sociétés de maintenance et de techniciens (chaudière, réfrigérateur, etc.) de confiance, autorisés à intervenir en cas d’absence du propriétaire.

Travaux en cours

Le propriétaire s’engage à informer Worldwide-Accom dès qu’il a connaissance de travaux de maintenance exceptionnels susceptibles de déranger le client, lorsque ceux-ci sont exécutés dans le bâtiment où est situé le bien loué ou dans le voisinage. Dans ce cas, le client est tenu informé ; s’il décide d’annuler la réservation, le propriétaire doit l’accepter et ne peut réclamer de sanction financière.

Au cas où de tels travaux sont initiés sans préavis ou sans que le propriétaire en soit informé, et qu’ils provoquent un dérangement tel que le client est contraint au transfert dans un autre logement, le propriétaire s’engage à accepter une annulation sans pénalité, ou à prendre à son compte les coûts d’un éventuel dédommagement ou “upgrade”.


Les propriétaires exonèrent Worldwide-Accom de toute responsabilité en cas d’accident ou de dommage matériel/immatériel pouvant survenir à l’intérieur de leur logement. Les propriétaires peuvent stipuler une assurance pour se prémunir contre d’éventuels dommages de ce type.

Changements apportés au logement, ameublement

S’agissant de variations apportées à l’ameublement des intérieurs ou d’autres modifications, le propriétaire doit informer Worldwide-Accom des changements notables qui modifient l’aspect du logement. Cela permettra à l’agence de mettre à jour les photos et d’ajouter des informations sur son site web.


Le propriétaire s’engage à mettre à disposition un trousseau de clés par couple (deux personnes) séjournant dans l’appartement.

Confirmation des réservations

Le propriétaire s’engage à respecter les réservations qui ont fait l’objet d’une confirmation, et il n’annulera pas de réservations déjà confirmées (par exemple dans l’hypothèse où il recevrait une offre ultérieure lui convenant davantage, etc.).

Lorsque le propriétaire doit, pour cause de force majeure, annuler une ou plusieurs réservation(s) déjà confirmée(s), il accepte, en souscrivant au présent accord, d’assumer dès lors tous les coûts relatifs à l’annulation et/ou au transfert des clients concernés vers d’autres structures.


Pour confirmer sa réservation, le client doit payer à Worldwide-Accom un accompte. Les paiements relatifs à d’éventuels travaux de nettoyage final et/ou à des consommations sont à part, et le client règlera ces dépenses directement au propriétaire (ou à la personne qui effectuera pour lui le check-in/check-out).
Le solde est payé directement par le client au propriétaire ou à la personne qui effectue pour lui le check-in au moment de l’arrivée ; il sera payé directement par Worldwide-Accom si l’agence a déjà perçu le prix total correspondant au coupon de réservation. Dans le cas où le client a payé la somme totale avant son arrivée, Worldwide-Accom fait un virement au propriétaire avant la date d’arrivée des clients.
Worldwide-Accom n’est pas responsable en cas de non-encaissement de la somme due de la part du propriétaire.

En cas d’annulation, Worldwide-Accom en informe le propriétaire.
Le propriétaire confirme l’annulation.
Sous les conditions generales, que le client doit accepter avant de pouvoir effectuer la reservation, Worldwide-Accom maintient le droit de debiter la carte de credit du client afin de recuperer les frais d’annulation, qui seront ensuite transmises au proprietaire; toutefois, au cas ou la carte de credit n’est pas autorise, Worldwide-Accom, ne pourra pas etre tenu responsable.

Juridiction compétente

Pour tout litige, la juridiction compétente territorialement est celle de Dublin.


Les proprietaires seront fournis des toutes les informations necessaires en ce qui concerne la communication avec la prefecture du lieu (quel qu’il soit): les noms des personnes heberges etc. Cette procedure reste pourtant le choix ainsi que la responsabilite des proprietaires

Walking Distances in Rome

What is the walking distance between the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona?

The walking distance from the Spanish Steps to Piazza Navona is 15 mins.

What is the walking distance between the Spanish Steps and Campo de' Fiori?

The walking distance from the Spanish Steps to Campo de’ Fiori is 20 mins.

Security Deposits

What guarantee do I have that I will get my security deposit back?

When you check in to the apartment your check in contact will fix a time with you to return your security/damage deposit before you check out. This deposit is held only during your stay to ensure there is no damage to the apartment, the deposit is never witheld for any other reason than in the rare event that there has been damage to the apartment during your stay.

Can I pay the damage deposit by travelers checks?

Yes, travelers checks can be used to pay your security/damage deposit.

There is no security deposit listed on my apartment, will I still need to leave a deposit?

No, if tbere is no security/damage deposit listed on the apartment you’ve rented, then you will not be expected to pay one. Some owners do not require it.

Can I pay the security/damage deposit by credit card?

No, owners are not equipped to take credit card payments, you should be prepared with cash or travelers checks to pay your security deposit.

Property Locations

The apartment is in the Spanish Steps area, how close is it to the Spanish Steps area?

Please take a good look at the map on the apartment, you will clearly see the location of the apartment. The Spanish Steps will be the closest major landmark to the apartment, it will not necessarily be “on” the Spanish Steps or in the Piazza di Spagna. We are only indicating the general area.

Client Reviews

I've just stayed in one of your apartments, where can I add my review?

You will receive an email requesting your review 10 days after your departure.

How do we use the information of the reviews?

Should there be any comments, complaints or suggestions which make sense, these clients comments and opinions are immediately shared with our property owners. All issues which are raised are seriously discussed with the property owner to rectify , improve and take action immediately. Should the owner not co-operate in fixing any of these issues, our company terminates the business with the owner and we remove the apartment from our website.
We do not edit either positive or negative reviews from our clients, as this could be useful information in the case of steep stairs, low ceilings , small shower cubicles, or amenities which cannot be changed, as this is important information for our future potential clients in making an informed decision.

There are no reviews on the apartment I want to book, do you have any?

NO, we publish all reviews, if there are no reviews for the apartment you wish to book, then it is likely to be new, we write the descriptions personally after visiting the apartments, so this is all we can offer prior to getting the first review.

Why we ask clients to review our properties?

The services and accommodation we provide to our clients are the most important part of our company reputation, therefore we value our clients opinions.
For this reason we publish client reviews on our website in order for you to make the most informed choice possible.

The reviewed information assists us greatly in identify and correcting any issues quickly, so they do not effect the experiences for future guests, giving us the chance to demonstrate how much we care about the selection and management of the properties on our site.

Our policy towards client’s reviews of our listed accommodations is open and transparent, making it helpful to our future clients.
We publish every review wether positive or negative, believing that by sharing this information we can best guide you in your individual decision-making process and assist you in making your choice with confidence.
The only exclusions which are not published will be the rare use of swear words or insults.

In the past we have filtered a small number of comments which we believed to be baseless or incorrect. Moreover, we remove any proprieties from our website that do not meet the standards and requirements of our company: meaning that it is most unlikely that you would encounter a property which is not to your satisfaction.

Are the reviews genuine?

The only published reviews on our site, are from previous clients in conjunction with completed bookings and apartment names.Therefore false reviews are not possible.