Why Do Business With Italy-Accom?

At Italy-Accom, we realise that you have MANY choices when it comes to finding the right apartments in Rome, Florence, Venice or one of the many other locations we offer accomodation in.

We also appreciate that it’s sometimes difficult to make a choice between all the options available to you (since you don’t have access to all the facts), so we wanted to share 10 Key Differences that we feel you would definitely like to know about Italy-Accom that makes us different from our competitors AND also ensures you greater security, peace of mind and comfort when making a final decision about who you’ll book your Italian accommodation with.

Top 10 Reasons For Using Italy Accom

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1. Guarantee of Quality 2. Local On-Ground Support & Personal Assistance 3. Open Lines of Communication 4. Trusted Reputation 5. Italy-Wide Locations 6. Superior Customer Service 7. Fair Prices 8. Most Honest Descriptions 9. We Speak Your Language 10. Ease-Of-Use Superior Website

Reason 1: Guarantee of Quality

All properties must pass our company’s level of quality, location, cleanliness and amenities provided to clients prior to being introduced to our website.

  • Fully inspected properties
  • Cleanliness guaranteed

Our properties are personally inspected by us for quality and cleanliness. Owners cannot just add their property to our site without our inspection, which protects you against less-than-honest owners.

All owners have to follow our strict guidelines to remain on our site and we ask every client for feedback. If a client gives negative feedback, then the owner is given only one chance to improve the property. If they refuse or ignore, they are immediately taken off our site!

Should a double booking occur or the apartment become unavailable due to a quality issue, then the client is assured of a quality replacement property, where available in the form of an upgrade.

Many agencies are apathetic toward customer complaints. In Italy, the client is almost always wrong! So we very proud to be able to provide Anglo style service.

Most international agencies have little to no clout with owners and therefore cannot control emergency situations as we can. Our customers DO come first, because we HAVE been on your side of the fence and had enough bad experiences trying to rent good accommodation for vacations, that we DIDN’T want the sorts of bad experiences we’ve had to happen to our clients!

Reason 2: Local On-Ground Support & Personal Assistance

With Italy-Accom you’re never on your own. Our office is attended 7 days per week should you need assistance during your stay.

  • Our office is open 7 days per week
  • English mother tongue staff

Our Rome office is manned 7 days a week by our English mother tongue staff, assuring the client that during their stay they have the security of our team on-hand should they need any assistance. We monitor our office phone after hours as well so anything important will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Our international competitors (based in the USA, UK and Australia) offer no on-the-ground local support and other agencies are open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Reason 3: Open Lines of Communication

We understand the role of communication in building a trusting relationship with clients, both during and after the sale, as well as during the client’s stay in Italy.

  • Local telephone numbers
  • Live chat via our websites
  • Fast answers via email

We offer local phone numbers so you can always call our Rome office for the price of a local phone call. Also, we offer a live web chat service for instant answers, as well as speedy email answers to your questions.

We understand that clients booking apartments and villas want more than just an instant online booking service. They want personal contact and their questions answered by people who have the answers from personal experience.

Reason 4: Trusted Reputation

We understand and value our reputation and know that every client can be our best (or worst) advertisement. Therefore we make sure that every client has a positive experience with our company.

  • We have 5 years in the business (i.e. we’re not the new kids on the block!)
  • We’ve been written up in trusted travel guides
  • We’ve had positive press from trusted travel journalists
  • Returning customers – a sign of a previous good experience
  • Referral customers – referred by a happy customer

In the past five years, Italy-Accom has built a reputation for superior service and we now have a strong following of returning clients and referrals that is growing each month that makes up a large percentage of our clientele.

Our clients post their reviews of both our service and the accommodation they stay in on our website/s, as well as on trusted independent websites such as Trip Advisor and Slow Trav, so you can be sure that our reputation is sound.

Many journalists have written about our service and properties in some the world’s leading newspapers and travel magazines, and we have been endorsed by the world’s most famous guidebooks, Frommers and the international gay guide, Damron.

Click here to read the press we’ve received over the years.

Reason 5: Italy-Wide Locations

We are constantly searching Italy for new locations to ensure that our clients can rely on Italy-Accom to fulfill all their planned Italian destinations.

  • One stop shop for Accommodation throughout Italy

Italy-Accom clients can travel throughout the whole of Italy, with over 500 properties available for rent, located in Italy’s art cities, coastal villages, Islands and Countryside.

Booking the entire trip with one agency is a much easier and stress-free process for the client, and our staff can help coordinate your trip, giving valuable advice on transport options as well as ensuring that your itinerary is taken care of with attention-to-detail. 1 point of contact means less opportunities for mistakes!

Reason 6: Superior Customer Service

In a country that is famous for its apathetic service, Italy-Accom provides top drawer Anglo style service with the added advantage of a local office.

  • Anglo style customer service – streets ahead of the Italian standard
  • After sales service – we’re STILL here to help after you make your booking
  • Airport transfers
  • Private car hire
  • Inter-city private car transfers
  • Free Papal audience tickets

Italy-Accom prides itself on providing the best service possible. Our aftersales service answers all questions beyond the booking process, and we provide airport transfers, arrival and departure information on our website. Our staff are the best source of information to help you in planning your trip.

Our International competitors cannot offer relevant advice as they don’t live in Italy, and our local competitors offer little to no services with little understanding of the needs of their international clients (customer service standards in Italy are well below the standard expected/given in Australia, the USA and UK).

Reason 7: Fair Prices

With rates negotiated locally, you can be confident that you are getting a fair deal.

  • Best negotiated rates
  • Fair deal
  • All prices and any extras charges are listed on each page

Because we have a local (Italian) office and a good relationship with our owners, we have the ability to negotiate the best rates possible, keeping our rates at an industry low.

Our international competitors charge 15-25% more for the same properties, and our Italian competitors are often equal or marginally higher in price, but with less customer service, difficult websites to navigate and a much smaller range of properties in one location only.

Reason 8: Most Honest Descriptions

Our descriptions are: clear, informative and honest with no embellishment. What you see is what you get.

  • Clear maps from the Google Maps service
  • Full amenities list
  • Size in sqm and sqft
  • Any defect mentioned

When we inspect a property for inclusion, we look for anything odd – anything that could make a person not 100% happy with a property. Examples might include a bathroom that has to be accessed through a bedroom or steep stairs, or a very small bathroom or shower stall, etc.

We make sure that this gets a mention, along with the the better attributes of the property.

In addition, we rarely use the word luxury because true luxury rarely exists in Italy in comparison to the US, Australia and the UK.

Many websites allow owners to add their properties for a fee, with no guarantee of quality to the client. Many of our other local competitors over-rate the property, calling apartments “5 star” or “luxury” for a property that would be considered just of a standard level outside of Italy.

Reason 9: We Speak Your Language

It’s not enough just to speak English, we truly understand the particular needs of our Anglo clients.

  • All our staff speak English as their mother tongue (an Anglophone)
  • Well traveled staff – we understand what foreign travel is truly like
  • All Italy experts – we know Italy well, because we’re based here and have traveled extensively through-out Italy

All of our staff speak English as their Mother tongue, and are available to speak with you whilst planning your trip or when you arrive in Italy. We are a group of Australian, American and British travel experts who understand the needs of our Anglo clients.

Reason 10: Ease-Of-Use Superior Website

Italy-Accom is one of the most clear, informative & easy-to-navigate accommodation sites on the web today.

  • Clear navigation
  • Ease of use
  • Save to favorites
  • Travel planning information
  • Virtual tours through each area
  • View property pricing in your own currency

Our site has been clearly laid out to ensure that navigation is simple and that the pages are relevant to helping you plan your trip. No website comes close to Italy-Accom’s website design for ease of use and for information to assist with trip planning.