Car Parking in Rome

If you are going to drive into Rome and wish to park your car during your stay, you should seriously consider the expense and trouble before going ahead with this.

Firstly, the historic centre is heavily restricted with cameras at most points of entry, and in some parts, the traffic police prevent those who want to enter regardless of the fine. For non-residents without a pass on their car windscreen, there is a fine of around Euro 60 if you drive into the centre. Then once you get into the centre there is no parking available and if you do park without a permit you will likely be fined, wheel blocked or towed away… parking in Rome is not a pretty picture!

As a resident of the Spanish Steps area I didn’t even bother to own a car for three years until I secured one of the rarely available extortionately expensive private car spaces available as my rental car had been towed, blocked and fined a multitude of times.

If you still want to go ahead and keep that rental car, there are several solutions. One is parking in one of the covered car parks below, and leaving your car there for the duration of your stay. Another is to choose one of our Rome apartments that are just outside of the restricted zone in “Other Areas” or in “Aventino”, which means you can legally park… BUT (!!!) finding a parking space is never easy and you will still need to purchase hourly parking tickets from a machine or at the Tabacchi which will cost you around Euro 20 per day… so there you have the realities of keeping your car during your stay so you can make an informed decision in regards to whether it’s worth keeping your car or not.

Termini Station
ES Park.
Via G. Giolitti 267
tel. 0644704053.

450 cars, first two hours cost 1.50 per hour, then 1 per hour, 13 for 24 hours, open 05.00-01.30

Via Veneto
Parking Ludovisi
Via Ludovisi 60
tel. 064740632

400 cars, 1st-5th hour costs 2 per hour, then 1 per hour, 18 for 24 hours, open 05.30-01.30.

Parking dellAuditorium
Viale Pilsudsky 21
tel. 068081646

540 cars, 1st-2nd hour costs 1 per hour, 3rd hour 0.55, then day rate 2.55 (07.30-21.00), night rate 7.75 (21.00-07.30), open 07.30-01.00.

Vatican & Trastevere
Terminal Gianicolo
Piazza Rovere
tel. 066840331

723 cars, 1st-5th hour costs 1.30 per hour, then 1.10 per hour, 25.90 for 24 hours, open 06.00-01.30.

Spanish Steps & Via Veneto
ParkSi Villa Borghese.
Viale del Galoppatoio 33
tel. 063225934

1,800 cars, 1st-3rd hour costs 1.15 per hour, then 0.90 per hour, 14.45 for 24 hours, open 24 hours.