Restaurants in Rome

SUGGESTED ROME RESTAURANT GUIDE: I have also recently been made aware – via this article – of a brilliant Roman restaurant Guide by Simone Cargiani & Fernanda D’Arienzo. I Twittered this not so long ago for those who follow me on Twitter and believe it would make a great addition to the guide books you are bringing with you. You can buy a copy online and it will be sent to you by mail.

Here is a list of our own personal favorites – restaurants, we’ve eaten in at least once – many of them – many, many times, so they’ve been pre-approved!

Restaurants in Rome – Piazza Navona

Inexpensive €
Moderate €€
Moderately expensive €€€
Expensive €€€€

da Francesco – €
Piazza del Fico 29
Piazza Navona

I think that this is the type of trattoria that most people imagine when they think of Rome, a traditional trattoria/pizzeria tucked away in a gorgeous small piazza near Piazza Navona, da Francesco serves up absolutely delicious Roman cuisine, try their hand cut proscuitto with foccacia as a starter then any of the meat dishes are sensational, the steak is particularly good and any of the pasta dishes… order from the specials board on the wall rather than menu…

Baffetto – €
via Governo Vecchio 114
Piazza Navona

Famous pizzeria in Rome, often with queues waiting for tables, you’re likely to be sitting with strangers at a large
table, which although disconcerting for a minute, it’s a lot of fun and the thin crust Roman Pizza is delicious. A wonderful Rome experience.

Sant’Eustachio Cafe – €€
Piazza Sant’Eustachio

A block away from the Pantheon is Rome’s best coffee, Roman’s crowd into this landmark cafe for what is probably the best coffee in town, try their famous grand cafe, a great place for gifts to take back home.

Navona Night – €
via del Teatro Pace 44
06 6869278
Piazza Navona

If you are seeking a very Inexpensive and delicious pizzeria, particularly good for families with smaller children.

Hosteria L’Orso 80 – €€
via del Orso 33
06 68801053
Piazza Navona

Very popular traditional osteria, rarely disappoints those in search of well priced hearty Roman cuisine.

Cul de Sac – €€
Piazza Pasquino 73
06 68801094
Piazza Navona

Cul del Sac is a favorite for local Romans and known for its excellent wine list and modern Italian cuisine, don’t miss the salmon in the bag or pine resin pudding… delicious

Cafe della Pace – €€
via della Pace 3
Piazza Navona

One of Rome’s most beautiful cafes, a perfect place to sit sipping a drink alone with a newspaper on a cold rainy day in winter – or – in summer to sit outside in the sunshine.

Montecarlo – Pizzeria – €
vicolo Savelli
Piazza Navona

The best thin crust Roman pizza available and everybody knows it, don’t get there after 8pm unless you are happy to wait for a table with the other 20-30 people, the wait is never too long – they don’t serve coffee to linger over after you’ve eaten and will very nicely remind you that there are others waiting to eat. Don’t miss this one!!!

Obika Mozzarella Bar – €€
Via dei Prefetti 26a
Tel: 06 6832630
Closed Sunday

Obika is a must for those who love a new food experience. The concept was originated by 2 Neapolitan marketers who substituted sushi for mozzarella. The ingredients are carefully chosen and of the highest quality..

Restaurants in Rome – Trastevere

Inexpensive €
Moderate €€
Moderately expensive €€€
Expensive €€€€

Il Baretto – Cocktail Bar €€
via Garibaldi 27F

Very hip bar on via Garibaldi on the way from Trastevere up to the Gianicolo (Janiculum) Hill. Il Baretto has a wonderful garden and very cool, hip, modern atmosphere… great place for a drink at night, great music, super friendly staff, highly recommended!

Arancia Bar – €€
Piazza S. Maria

Where to sit and people watch whilst sipping a huge chilled glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or the usual selection of drinks…

Cafe Marzo – €€€
Piazza S. Maria

Excellent people watching in Trastevere’s largest and liveliest Piazza, also next to a newstand, so perfect for a morning cuppa with the Herald Tribune.

Da Lucia – €
Via Mattonato 2
06 5803601
closed Mondays

Da Lucia is the perfect little trattoria that has been going for 70 years and is now run by the third generation of the same family – delicious Roman cuisine that never disappoints!

Le Mani in Pasta – €€
Via dei Genovesi 38
closed Mondays

Fabulous Trattoria, modern Italian cuisine, waiters speak some English, great service – excellent Fresh pasta, grilled fish and meat, wonderful deserts. Reasonable prices. Open for lunch and dinner.
(a personal favorite)

La Fraschetta – €€
Via S. Francesco a ripa 134
Tel: 06 5816012

Very popular amongst Romans, this hidden away restaurant is a true find. Excellent pizzas al forno and good pasta too. The house wine is better then any other restaurants in the area and the staff, though truly busy, are always friendly….

Spirito di Vino – €€
via dei Genovesi 31/ab
Tel: 06 5896689

Elegant atmosphere, excellent food…in the basement is Rome’ s original Synagogue and the owners (a very friendly couple who speak perfect English) are happy to show the guests around.
Closed Sundays photo coming soon!

L’Archetto – €€€
Via G. Mamelli 23
06 5815275
closed Sundays

Fabulous restaurant with relaxed / chic / cosy / romantic atmosphere. Everything on the menu is good and especially the tagliata manzo for those who appreciate great quality beef. Reserving essential.

Restaurants in Rome – Spanish Steps

Inexpensive €
Moderate €€
Moderately expensive €€€
Expensive €€€€

La Buca di Ripetta – €€
Via di Ripetta 36
06 321 93 91
Piazza di Spagna

If you looking for something a step above the average Roman trattoria, La Buca di Ripetta offers superb traditional service, the produce is sourced from the best locations in Italy, which explains the exceptional flavors. Moderate pricing and an excellent wine cellar.

Fiaschetteria – €€
via delle Croce 39
Piazza di Spagna
closed Sundays

Authentic Roman trattoria, lively atmosphere, great people watching, excellent food, they don’t take bookings so try to get there around 7.15pm to be sure of a table, or in good weather it can be entertaining to hang about in the street with the queue

L’Enoteca Antica – €€
via delle Croce 76B
Piazza di Spagna

Enoteca as it’s simply called is a great place to drop in for a glass a wine and some antipasto, also a perfect place for an early dinner after a hard days shopping..

Gusto Pizzeria
€€ dinner
€ lunch
Piazza A. Imperatore 9
06 3226273
Spanish Steps

Modern Italian cuisine, indoor and outdoor dining, great buffet lunch, where they serve a fixed price pizza or buffet. The pizza is the thicker neopolitan style. A favorite amongst workers and tourists around the Spanish Steps area for lunch for it’s inexpensive buffet, weekend buffet is sold by the weight and a little pricier.

Gusto Restaurant – €€€
Piazza A. Imperatore 9
06 3226273
Spanish Steps

In Gusto’s modern restaurant complex the Gusto Restaurant has both inside and outdoor dining, an excellent wine list and great service, however their watered down attempt at fusion cuisine lets them down, the dishes lack “gusto”, you are better off going around to the Gusto Osteria, see below.

Gusto Osteria – €€€
Piazza delle Frezza 16
06 32111482
Spanish Steps

By far my favorite of all the Gusto restaurants, the menu is a modern Italian cuisine, the ambiance lively and the service fantastic, from all of the waiting staff who are all well versed in the vast wine list.. don’t miss this one.

Gusto al 28
€€ dinner
€ lunch
Piazza A. Imperatore 28
06 68134221
Spanish Steps

Recafe – €€
P. Agosto Imperatore 30
Spanish Steps

Modern Italian complex with Neopolitan style thick crust pizza, excellent salad menu and bright lively atmosphere…

Shaki Cafetteria/Bar – €€
via Mario dei Fiori 29a
Tel: 06 6791694
Spanish Steps

A popular wine bar that serves a good light lunch…

TAD Cafe – €€€
Via del Babuino 155a
Spanish Steps

At the back of the concept store TAD, wonderful modern environment for lunch, fusion cuisine gorgeous cakes dining inside and outdoors in a glassed in courtyard.

via delle Croce 81
Tel: 06 6791178
Spanish Steps
closed sunday evenings

Old established Roman restaurant, great atmosphere, excellent service and consistently good food – served in an ancient Roman courtyard.

Gina Cafetteria – €€
via S. Sebastianello 7a
Tel: 06 6780251
Spanish Steps

Modern, fabulous light menu, hip crowd and delicious chocolate fondue desert…

Buccone – €
via Ripetta 19-20
06 3612154
Spanish Steps

This antique vineria, is stocked to the ceiling with a huge range of wines with tables set up in the back where they serve Roman dishes at lunch and dinner on Fri/Sat. Stop by to stand at the bar for a glass of wine and some cheese.

La Buvette – €€€
via Vittoria 44/47
06 6790383
Spanish Steps

Elegant tea room/bar, incredible cakes and snacks, good salads, drop in for a coffee,brunch,lunch or for an apéritif, great service – polite uniformed staff, and calm atmosphere. With its little padded sofas it’s an oasis after a hard days shopping

Ristorante al “59” – €€€
via Angelo Brunetti 59
06 3219019
Spanish Steps

“59” is an elegant restaurant with faultless service, magnificent cuisine from the region of Emilia Romana, homemade pasta, well priced … simply delicious!!

dal Bolognese – €€€
Piazza del Popolo 1-2
Closed Mondays
Spanish Steps

If you are in the mood for a fabulous dining experience, surrounded by beautiful surroundings, an interesting mix of people and refined cuisine from Emilia Romagna book a table at dal Bolognese, a great option for a birthday or celebration or just a simple meal book a table at dal Bolognese, ask for a table outdoor if the weather is warm, it’s a great spot for people watching too..

Restaurants in Rome – Vatican

Inexpensive €
Moderate €€
Moderately expensive €€€
Expensive €€€€

The Vatican area is not particularly well known for its great eating, however there are several good establishments mentioned below.

L’Arcangelo – €€
Via G Bettolo 32
06 372 9470

Delicious cuisine, great atmosphere.

Del Frate – €€€
Via degli Scipioni 118
06 3236497

Fresh modern Italian cuisine set within an historic bottle shop, great atmosphere tucked behind Cola di Rienzo.

Borgo Antico – €€
Borgo Pio 21
06 686 5967

Small wooden beamed eatery specializing in hearty local cuisine like porcini muchrooms and fried polenta.

Zen – €€€
via degli Scipioni 243
06 3213420
Closed Mon & Sat lunch

Zen is a modern Kaitan style Japanese restaurant situated close to the Tiber and Piazza del Popolo

Restaurants in Rome – Colosseum

The area of Monti has a wonderful mix of ethnic restaurants and traditional Italian trattorias.

Inexpensive €
Moderate €€
Moderately expensive €€€
Expensive €€€€

Maharajah – €€
via dei Serpenti 124
Tel: 39 06 4747144

Authentic Indian restaurant, friendly atmosphere, good quality menu and impeccably clean.

F.I.S.H – €€€€
via dei Serpenti 16
Tel: 39 06 47824962
Closed Mondays

F.I.S.H is a modern seafood restaurant with fabulous sushi, and fusion cuisine, excellent wine list in a beautiful atmosphere.

Restaurants in Rome – Campo de’ Fiori

Roscioli – €€€€
via dei Giubbonari 21-22
+39 066875287
Campo de Fiori

Not to be missed, Roscioli is a step up from the run of the mill trattorie and restaurants in Rome, a modern approach to Italian cuisine, they are particularly famous for their Carbonara and I can never resist this dish in Roscioli.

Monserrato – €€
Via Monserrato, 96
39 06 6873 386
Closed Monday
Campo de Fiori

Monserrato is a tiny restaurant close to Piazza Farnese with tables outside in the summer on Piazza Santa Caterina della Rota, and where typical Roman cuisine is delightful. We never left unhappy with our food, or unstuffed by three or more courses, copious amounts of wine, and not overly damaged by the bill. The restaurant has been famous amongst Romans for the past 10 years, so make sure to reserve.

Ristorante Pierluigi – €€€
Piazza dé Ricci 144
06 68 68 717
Closed Monday
Campo de Fiori

Pierluigi’s restaurant is situated in one of the most pleasant squares of Rome amidst beautiful renaissance buildings, including the Ricci palace, famous for its splendid sixteenth century fresco. Fish here is excellent, the crowd is mostly Roman and middle-aged. On a sunny day and for a true Roman lunching/dining experience, there is no better spot than this one!

Heart Break Cafe – €€
Campo dei Fiori 53/54
06 6875530
Campo de’ Fiori

The better and less expensive lunch place on Campo de’ Fiori. They also make pizza.

Hostaria Costanza – €€€
Piazza Paradiso 63/65
06 6861717
Campo de’ Fiori

One of the 7 trattorias in the center of Rome where guests are alowed to smoke inside. The smoking area is large and obviously completely separate from the rest of the restaurant. Serves traditional Roman food.
Restaurants in Rome – Other Areas
Restaurants in Rome – Testaccio

Da Felice a Testaccio – €€
via Mastro Giorgio, 29

Classic Roman Cuisine, like you’ve never eaten before, don’t miss it, books out early, so advise that you book in advance.

Trattoria Da “Oio” a Casa Mia – €€
Via Galvani, 43-45
Tel. 06-5782680

A great Roman experience, some of the best authentic Roman pasta dishes in Rome…
Restaurants in Rome – San Lorenzo

Tram Tram – €€
Via dei Reti, 44-46
San Lorenzo

If you want to visit another area of Rome which is out of the tourist zone, you should try Tram Tram, with its Sicilian and Pugliese cuisine, it’s seriously fabulous and the staff and very welcoming and you are sure to eat well, it never fails to impress our guests…
Restaurants in Rome – Via Veneto

Santo Padre – €€
Via Collina 18
Via Veneto

Just a short walk from the top end of the via Veneto, this family run trattoria surpassed our expectations, not only for super friendly service, but also the care taken in preparing the delicious Roman cuisine. The table was laden with various antipasto plates when we arrived and we were asked whether we wanted it – if not they are happy to clear the table and bring the menu, but it was not the usual drab antipasto offered in most and definitely recommended, the pasta was a cut above the usual and from other reviews I’ve read the main courses are also good. This is off the tourist map worth the effort to go a little further out of the way.

Now that you’ve looked at the restaurants we recommend in Rome, why not browse our accommodation listings to find the perfect Rome Apartments.