Rome Apartment Rentals - 6 Reasons

Before you travel to Rome, consider the following 6 reasons to opt for Rome apartment rentals over hotels and other accommodation options.

1) Better value for money – on average, a Rome apartment of equivalent size, standard and locality is up to 50% cheaper than a Rome hotel room.

2) More space – as a general rule, apartments in Rome to rent have more space than Rome hotel rooms – as much as 300% more, depending on what you are looking at. Also, if you’re visiting as a family with children, you can find a Rome apartment to fit you all into one place, rather than spread across multiple hotel rooms.

3) Flexibility – hotels are strict about just about everything, whereas apartments are much more flexible. You usually have your own cooking and clothes washing facilities, which hotels rarely have.

4) Cost savings – most apartments have cooking facilities, which means you can save money by eating in occasionally. Restaurant meals in Rome add up pretty quickly. Also, by using your washing facilities, you can save a lot of money and hassle with keeping your clothes clean, rather than having to go to a laundromat or use room service.

5) The true “Rome experience” – when you stay in an apartment, you live WITH the Romans, rather than separated from them by a hotel wall. The experience is so much more genuine than what you might experience in a hotel. Live like the Romans and with the Romans!

6) Privacy – You’ll get more privacy in an apartment compared to a hotel, which is always an important factor when in a busy city.

You can read our huge list of client testimonials or Rome apartment reviews as well, just to get some feedback on why so many people love renting apartments in Rome Italy for their vacation or holiday in this wonderful ancient city.