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About Vino Rosso Tours

They are teachers of art and history transplanted from Ireland, America and Australia who love Rome and have made it their home.They are all native English speakers and collectively they have an enormous amount of experience in providing tours that bring Rome’s past to life. They tell the stories of the people that make up Rome’s history: the emperors, the artists, the popes and the poets.

Their aim

To enrich your experience of Rome by sharing with you their knowledge and passion of the city’s fascinating past and present.

It isn’t necessary to reserve for our group tours as they are given most days. Just call us the day before and let us know you’re coming.

Office: +39 (06) 44 36 22 20

Tour 1: The artistic patrimony of all mankind" – St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museums

Highlights: Raphael rooms, Sistine chapel, Michelangelo’s Pieta, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Art gallery, Laocoon group, Apollo Belvedere, Bernini’s colonnade, St Peter’s tomb and statue, Bernini’s Baldacchino, Caravaggio’s Deposition, Leonardo Da Vinci’s St. Jerome, Raphael’s Transfiguration.

The Vatican Museums of Rome are not to be missed, the history of the Renaissance, her masters and her sources of inspiration from ancient Greece and Rome are all here. The museum and the Rome’s biggest church, the Basilica of St. Peter, are indeed both massive. Vino Rosso’s goal is give you a moderate, fun and informative tour, not an endurance test! We spend about two hours with you in the museum. This is where Raphael and Michelangelo’s stories unfold. We’ll see perfection incarnate in the Greek sculptures that these Renaissance artists studied and learned from. We will be sure to save plenty of time to better enjoy Raphael’s angelic Stanzas and, best of all, the Sistine Chapel. Our guide will relate to you the passion of these artists, their struggles for perfection and their clashing with a powerful pope. The symbolism and personages that fill these works will be unlocked and revealed to you. After a short break we visit the Basilica of St. Peter, the church whose very stones tell us the story of Baroque and Renaissance Rome. Inside await the stories of the lives of the Popes and Peter, the founder of the church. Like the museum, the Basilica is a treasure trove of art in an awesome building whose grandeur cannot fail to impress.

Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Cost: €30 per person, not including Museum admission fee (€14)

Tour 2: Renaissance and Baroque Rome – The Historic Centre at Twilight

Highlights: Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Hadrian’s Temple, the Pantheon, Ice Cream, Piazza Navona and the Fountain of the Four Rivers, Largo Argentina, the Campidoglio, the Forum at Night.

It goes without saying what a beautiful city Rome is, but what makes it special is how much the different seasons, or even the time of day can change the look of the city. For example…the Piazza di Spagna, basking in the pink glow of the setting sun, the Trevi Fountain reflecting the faded red and ochre of surrounding 17th Century palazzos… As we make our way (it’s a very casual walk, as the old center is so small and many notable monuments are only minutes apart on foot) night falls and some of Rome’s loveliest piazzas and buildings are illuminated. Remember, like our other tours our visit to these many sites will be accompanied by our guide’s entertaining and informative stories. We’ll tell you about Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers and its many secrets, the superstitions of the Trevi fountain, the fashion of Spanish Steps and the artists, gentleman and courtesans that made them famous. The tour concludes at the top of the Capitoline hill, the most important of Rome’s famed seven. Here you’ll witness the architectural genius of Michelangelo’s Campidoglio and a fine view of all Ancient Rome.

Duration: 2 1/2 hours
Cost: €25 per person

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