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We have been recommending Vino Rosso Tours in Rome for many years, our clients have always sent back the most positive feedback.

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About Vino Rosso Tours

They are teachers of art and history transplanted from Ireland, America and Australia who love Rome and have made it their home.They are all native English speakers and collectively they have an enormous amount of experience in providing tours that bring Rome’s past to life. They tell the stories of the people that make up Rome’s history: the emperors, the artists, the popes and the poets.

Their aim

To enrich your experience of Rome by sharing with you their knowledge and passion of the city’s fascinating past and present.

Request a customized tour

If you would like a customised tour, mail Vino Rosso Tours outlining what sort of tour you’d like, what particular sights you’d like to see, your particular sphere of interest, etc. and they’ll contact you to work something out.

Private Tours

We provide private and personalised tours, and can cater to your specific needs. If there is anything in particular you would like to see then we can develop an itinerary especially for you. We have prepared some itineraries that we feel reflect some of the more engaging and popular themes that any exploration of Rome should cover.

Each private tour starts at your apartment, with the guide meeting you at an arranged time. The real advantage of these tours is seeing the city in the company of a guide who knows and loves Rome’s famous landmarks and hidden treasures.

Please note that the cost of the tours does not include admission fees or transportation. Or food, obviously. Believe us, cooking is not our strong point.

One Two and Three Day Tours introducing you to Rome

  • ESSENTIAL ROME A one day tour providing an overview of the highlights of the city
  • ROME: CITY OF THE EMPERORS -CITADEL OF THE POPES Our two day tour designed to introduce you to the best of Rome in a more inclusive and comprehensive manner
  • ROMAN HOLIDAY Three days with everything – the famous landmarks and hidden treasures

Half-day tours featuring in-depth, theme-based visits

  • “We who are about to die salute you” – The Colosseum and the Gladiators (2 hours)
  • “Et tu Brute” – The Ancient City (2 and a half hours)
  • “The artistic patrimony of all mankind” – Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica (4 hours)
  • “Three coins in a fountain” – The Historic Centre: Renaissance and Baroque Rome (3 hours)
  • Quo Vadis – Early Christianity and the Catacombs (4 hours)

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Office: +39 (06) 44 36 22 20