Rome Vacation Apartments

Rome is very popular as a great holiday or vacation destination. For your trip to the Eternal City, why not consider a Rome vacation apartment instead of a traditional Rome hotel?

Many visitors to Rome are being turned on to the benefits of Vacation apartments, which are typically cheaper than hotels in Rome, but also offer more space for your family or group to spread out and enjoy their time here.

While a typical hotel room sleeps 2, Vacation apartments in Rome can cater for up to 10 people in 1 apartment (obviously this would be a much larger, more spacious vacation apartment). This is perfect for larger families (parents, children & perhaps grandparents) or for a larger group of friends sharing an amazing experience in Rome together.

With vacation apartments you also get the benefit of being able to enjoy the creature comforts of home (cooking, in-house laundry facilities, family time together) that you would not get cramped into a small expensive hotel room in Rome. According to the Lonely Planet Guide to Rome, a 3 star double room in Rome starts at 180 Euros! Plus, many of Worldwide Accom’s vacation apartments have a view, rather than a wall for you to look at when you look outside your windows.

If you want something a little bit nicer, you could rent a Rome vacation apartment with a balcony or Terrace, and enjoy the visual delight of Rome, while you sit, relax and have something to eat and drink. You won’t get that in a hotel, and with prices starting at as little as 113 Euros/night for a terraced vacation apartment in Rome, you’ll have some AMAZING memories to take home with you of your vacation time in Rome.