When in Rome

This is more of a tip, than a saying, as to truly enjoy Italy to the full you may need to have an attitude check first, remember, Italy is an ancient country, with an ancient culture, the Italians have been around for a long time and they’re VERY happy living the way they do.

If you’re visiting Italy for the first time you may be a little surprised at some of the ways of the Italian people, the streets may seem unkempt and dirty, the locals don’t follow rules or laws, they are likely to try pushing in if there is a formed line at the post office, the traffic is impossible, etc.. etc… all you need to do is take a look at how happy the locals are, they are the happiest people I’ve ever seen, they live life to the full, they know how to enjoy simple pleasures like a gelato on a hot day, a simple walk in the early evening dressed to the nines ending with an aperitivo in an outdoor cafe, dinner with friends in a simple trattoria on a small cobble-stoned street.

They don’t get hot under the collar if another car honks their horn, it’s more of a warning to say, “watch out I’m coming through” rather than a sign of road rage, they’re a pretty relaxed race and to enjoy Italy to the full, you need to relax into their culture, even if your visiting just for a long weekend.

If you are in Italy staying in self catering accommodation, either in an apartment in Rome city or a villa in the countryside, be sure to expect your accommodation to be a truly Italian experience, rather than like back home. Read about realistic expectations of Italian accommodation.