Traghetto Routes in Venice

Many tourists are unaware of the the two-man gondola ferries that cross the Grand Canal at over 7 locations between the bridges.

At 40 cents, they’re the cheapest and shortest gondola ride in Venice, and they can save a lot of walking.

There are only three bridges along the 3.5 klm of the Grand Canal, therefore the 7 two main gondolas called Traghetti dotted along the Grand Canal are very useful and used by locals as a fast route across canal.

The routes are clearly marked on most Venice streetmaps with straight lines going accross the Grand Canal (see locations on the map above) and you will see signs pointing to the traghetto landings in the neighborhoods along the Grand Canal.

The locals generally stand for the ride, but you can of course sit on the seats at each end or on the sides.

1. Fondamente S. Lucia (in front of the railroad station) – Fondamenta San Simeón Piccolo
2. San Marcuola – Fóndaco dei Turchi (by the Natural History Museum)
3. Santa Sofia (near Ca’ D’Oro) – Pescaria (fish market)
4. Riva del Carbòn – Fondamente del Vin
5. Sant’ Angelo – San Tomà
6. San Samuele – Ca’ Rezzónico
7. Campo del Traghetto – Calle Lanza (near the Salute Church)