The Irish Times - August 2005

We have written before about, the nifty online reservation service that offers sublets in the Eternal City.

Now the company has expanded, northwards into Tuscany and southwards into the Amalfi Coast and Calabria, and has set up a new website, with a particularly good selection in picturesque Positano.

You can compare prices for apartments, hotels and B&Bs, browse photos, and in some cases even view floorplans.

The beauty of this service is that it gives access to accommodation with personality, often a person’s home, for around the same price as a hotel room.

If the regional service is as good as the smaller Roman one, then this could be the beginning of a beautiful holiday.

Meanwhile, the original website now offers a range of services in Rome, including airport transfer, babysitting, maid, scooter rental, chauffeur, even an audience with the new Pope.

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