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Our featured accommodation in Spain

  • Apartment Martinez de la Rosa III

    Gracia, Barcelona

    Sleeps: 8
    Price: €225.00 - €225.00

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  • Apartment Ramblas

    Ramblas, Barcelona

    Sleeps: 3
    Price: €124.00 - €124.00

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  • Apartment Martinez de la Rosa II

    Gracia, Barcelona

    Sleeps: 5
    Price: €135.00 - €135.00

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Spain snapshots

Spain quick guide

Spaniards are fiercely proud. And why not? Spain is a country rich with culture and formidable history. We’re thinking art, music, architecture – we’re talking Velázquez and Picasso, flamenco guitar and heel-clicking dance, ancient Roman monuments and the dizzying, light-reflecting titanium curves of the Bilbao Museum. Spain’s food is legendary – paella, tortilla, mouth-watering jamon, and the great tradition of tapas. And then there are the bullfights. And the beaches…

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